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Braid.exe has stopped working

I’ve been a huge fan of Humble Bundles for a while now and I’ve bought nearly all of them. I’ve added all of them to my Steam account, but actually I haven’t even had time to try most of them. I hope I’ll have time to try them all, but that time may come when I retire or then never.

In Humble Indie Bundle 2 there was a game called Braid and I tried playing it for the first time on Steam about a week ago. I don’t remember experiencing really any errors before on Steam games but now I hit one. Right after starting the game it changes the resolution for correct one and turns my screen black. After a second or so the game crashes and comes back to Windows with an error message “Braid.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

Well of course as a nerd I didn’t startle much, cause Google usually helps, right? Well this wasn’t the case really. Some say that putting the Braid.exe to compatibility mode and running it as an administrator might help you, but for me that did nothing. I then stumbled across some launch options you can give to the game executable and with messing around with those a bit I found a way to start the game. For me it helped to put the game in windowed mode. Now the game runs without any problems.

You can give Braid the command line option by right clicking the game in Steam and selecting Properties. On the General tab click Set Launch Options and give it a value “-windowed” without the quotes. That’s really it!

Long story short aka. TL;DR

Braid -> Properties -> Set Launch Options -> -windowed

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